I'm sick of the snow. My snow eating dog is NOT.
It's REALLY hard to get in the mood to 'move' (aka exercise) when it's snow covered and cold outside! Not that I really like moving anyway. It would work better for me if the weight just fell off. Don't you agree?

Semi recently my Husband lost like 60lbs. Kinda just woke up one morning and decided to do it, and did. But NOW, well now he thinks he is Bob Harper, or Tony Horton and tries to give diet advice. *eyeroll* But his latest "why don't you try this"..I'm going to actually attempt.
We have a wedding coming up June 1..not ours..sheesh...we're almost 9 years in (as of August)..but one of his coworkers. So to share it with you..I have a VERY lofty goal of 10lbs by then.
So 10lbs in a little more than 9 weeks.
10lbs in 68 days.
And I will tell will set the trend for the other weight that I want to lose. I mean if I can lose the 10 in this set time, why couldn't I be able to lose the other 30.
I guess that is part of my stigma on losing weight. I don't have 100lbs to lose. I don't have 80lbs to lose. I've got maybe 40. And yes..40 is alot right now. But if I lose 10, then it will only be 30..and so on.
So his 'try this'...mainly has to do with getting rid of soda. I'm a die hard diet soda drinker. Period. He thinks that should stop. But if it is a matter of calories in/calories out and it's ZERO calorie soda...hmmm..
But then plan is protein shake for breakfast, no carb lunch, no carb dinner.
10lbs should be doable, HE says. He who has lost 60lbs...


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