Don't Tempt Me Tuesday

Let's talk about trigger foods. My two biggest culprits are below-
Mac and Cheese (blue box please)
 Mac and Cheese has ALWAYS been a thing for me. I mean I was raised on it. I've eaten it many different ways (cut up hot dogs in it, chopped onions in it) for many years. It was probably the first thing I ever 'cooked'. But it of course is FULL of carbs, preservatives..and cheesy goodness. It's also a food that my kids eat alot. I did jump on the organic train and get the 'better for you' kind for them. And thankfully it doesn't hit my tastebuds the same as the original did. So today when I fixed them their mac, I was able to 'quality control' it for them to the tune of about 4 forkfulls, versus my normal..just fix two boxes b/c Mama's gonna eat too. I had a chicken breast w/some mushrooms and green beans instead. Meh. Am I full? Yes. Am I happy. Not really.

                        Then you have these guys..again..namebrand only.
I'm not trying to be a food snob on the namebrand vs storebrand/other brand..but they are the original for a reason. Growing up I don't remember eating sweets that much. I even worked at an ice cream/fast food place in my teens and didn't eat that much. We had cake on birthdays. Candied sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and Christmas. We'd buy a couple bags of candy on Halloween or Easter and when it was gone, it was gone. But when I got married..I married a man who has an Oreo addiction. And it became the norm for date night to consist of stopping at the store, buying a gallon of milk and a pack of cookies. It continued after we had our kids. And it continues today. However, today it's more of a once every 3-4 months thing. Last weekend I messed up though..determined to get the deal..I bought 2 packs instead of one. So I did cap off my healthy chicken w/two cookies. Btw...2 is the serving size for the peanut butter ones..and 3 is the serving for the original. And I think that's ridiculously small.

What foods trigger you?

And notice..I did have a mouthful of mac and two cookies. I heard a long time ago, and I don't know if it is true, or if I just think it is-"If you are craving something, give partially into the craving. You'll end up eating way more calories trying to compensate for what you really want, than if you just eat a little bit of what you crave."
Do you think it's true?

I know for me and the mac today...I made it at the same time that I made my lunch..and I know that if I hadn't have had a couple bites when  I did, I would have gotten some EasyMac at work..or worse yet when I get home from work tonight and the family is asleep making a pot all for me and then sneakily doing the dishes like it never happened. So mac and 2 cookies cost me about 200 calories I didn't intend on, but I'd like to think they saved me alot more than that in the long run!


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