Sick and Tired

Real life Mommy-ing..right here. And's not pretty. My hair is stringy and uncurled. My double chin is right THERE. I don't think any amount of weight loss will help with my wide palms though. *shrugs* But Bubba doesn't worry about any of that as long as I will hold him.
We've been sickish around here. It started with Master P (pictured)-strep and scarlett fever, then onto croup. Then Hubs started to get it, but was able to kick it, but them I started to get it...
Me + trying to get sick + 3rd bday party planning/working 3 part time jobs/sharing a bed with 2 kids and a Hubs ='s Full Blown Sick.
I've been drinking Alka-Seltzer w/elderberry in it and sucking on Cepacol lozenges (disgusting, if my throat didn't hurt so bad I would NOT be doing this).
The 3 jobs thing is getting to me...b/c it's really not 3..if you throw in managing our personal rental properties and being Mom/'s like 5. So one of the 3 is going to go. In fact I sent an email this morning to that effect..and it seems cowardly..and I would have called, but I literally CANNOT find my phone. I know I had it last night by the bed b/c I was texting with my Ma (who is uber worried about her over worked sick gal-ME!), and I 'thought' I put it in my bedside drawer, but if I did, the little Samsung popped out legs and ran away..b/c I can't find it. And in my sicky state I don't really feel like looking for it.
And is it THAT bad that I really don't care? I mean I do...if I have an emergency I can't call out (but can hit the emergency button on our alarm pad..that would work). And if a tenant needs to get ahold of me, they really can't..that could be a problem. But let's just hope it doesn't come to that. I'm going to hope that the phone will resurface and I won't have missed any major issues. And that the kids will be content with PBS and the ipad while I make myself some soup and try to rest a bit.
And I'm giggling as I type that.. b/c any Momma knows that it won't happen.
Newsflash..Mom's aren't allowed to get sick.


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