Stress baby, stress.


That isn't me. I don't have pretty highlights like that...or a cute suit, and Hell knows my desk isn't that organized. But that look on her face...that dazed, wtf do I do next, frustrated look.. THAT is me.
And it happens alot.
I wish I could be the kind of person who uses stress to their benefit.
Some people get stressed and they clean the to bottom.
Some people get stressed and they can't eat and they lose weight because of it.
Some people get stressed and they bury themselves in a project and are super productive.
Some people get stressed and they head to the gym and exercise off the anxiety.
Me? I'm in the closest drive-thru *beep beep*
The second my stress level starts to rise, so does my appetite. And I slip up. I slip up to the tune of LOTS of oreos (see previous post) and um..McDonald's..after 9pm when I get off work. Eeesh.
Am I alone here?
And yes..I did mess up..big time. But I'm not going to let ONE setback completely throw me off like I used to. I'm going to get back up, dust the french fry salt off my shirt, continue using my McD's soda cup as a water vessel, and go on.
Or at least that is my plan for now.


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