Work it out...

Let's have a little chat about working out at home.

Let's start with the fact that I'm tired (lazy) and don't like getting up in the mornings.
And the fact that I am phob-y about people seeing me workout. Especially Hubs..and that doesn't make sense b/c he's seen my business (literally) at my worse (childbirth x2) and still wants to have sex with me. *shrugs*
I don't like working out with my kids around either. Makes me feel self consious.
Master P fell asleep on the couch...and Little Miss was watching Food Network in the I thought I'd take that opportunity to 'work out'.
My DVD of choice is Walk Away the's easy peasy. You get your heart rate up w/out knowing it, and w/out feeling like you are going to puke. She's perky (almost to the point of annoying) and I feel like she's non-judgy.
I opted for the 12 minute mile...and things were going ok for the first couple of minutes. Until Little Miss caught on to what I was doing and had to do it with me. And just let me tell almost 5 year old is not the most coordinated. Neither am I. So I stepped on her a couple times and let out a couple frustrated noises that scared her off, so I had to (keep walking) and try to apologize to the kid who (I felt) should have just let me walk in peace.
At which point I trip backwards (I didn't fall, thankfully) over our Irish Wolfhound (pictured last post) who thought it was a good idea to take a nap in the floor about 18 inches behind me. But I recovered..and kept walking.
To be interupted again..moments later by the UPS guy. I swear, UPS and Fedex must have an effin' camera set up somewhere in my house..b/c EVERYtime I try to work out at home..they show up.
Also..for the first time since we built our house I'm kinda missing carpet b/c the 'clomp, clomp, stomp, stomp' of my walking on the finished concrete floors vs carpeted flooring was almost worse than the sound of my boobs slapping together on the sidesteps in the video.

Workout fail...
But at least it was one?


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