Wrist way?

So it's weird to be posting a picture of my wrist, right? Well..no..kinda..ok..yes..but I have a reason..here is it..
it's where I notice I've lost weight first. I wish I could say "oh, my thighs look less cottage cheesey" or  "I look less pregnant today". But nope...the wrists have it. Wrists and collarbone. Weird right? I know..it is. But do you have any weird spots that you notice first?
I'm having people tell me lately they can see it in my face. I don't. I still see Edna the big faced girl...like seriously big, ok like a satellite dish(if you ever watched Wings, you'll get it, if not the link takes you to it..skip forward to 1:53). But it's nice of them to say that...maybe there is progress being made, I just can't see it..anywhere but my wrists.

Even though the weight isn't coming off as quickly as I'd like it to, I am finding that my eating habits are REALLY changing.
The other day I was subbin', took the kids some Starburst, and during the movie we were watching (b/c yes, I'm a sub and we watch movies)-I mindlessly ate like 5 of them. No big right? Um, no..about an hour later, I was convinced I had the stomach flu, or that something was terribly wrong with me. I wanted to puke, but I couldn't. I ached, and my stomach was just spasming (is that a word? is now!) and it was terrible. And the ONLY thing I could trace it to was the candy. Unless one of the 6th graders slipped me something when I wasn't looking...
Then last night we ate at a pizza buffet. Now having recently gotten so drunk and thrown up pizza (hey, honesty right?) I am ok to stay away from it. But this buffet, yea...it had boneless bbq wings...and I am POWERLESS against them. And monkey bread...effin' caramel monkey bread. However, after gorging myself..again..physically ill. Wanting to puke SO bad. My dog (the IW) routinely wakes me up around 1-2am to be let out (annoying, but better than cleaning piss up) and when she did I (again) felt like I was getting the flu..I hurt all over. My feet were swollen and ached, and my head was killing me. I chugged some more water, popped 4 ibuprofen and hit the sheets again (once she'd done her biz). I woke up feeling ok..but not hungry at all.
I subbed today and continually sucked down water, and prayed for the bell so I could pee between classes. When I got out of school I hit Subway for a salad, not because I was terribly hungry, but because all I had had was a cup of coffee and a TON of water. I needed something, right? Then dinner was a protein shake..same for Hubs, he had gorging remorse as well.
So I am NOT proud of myself for eating what I did, but I guess I'm kinda glad that I'm realizing the effects of how that kind of food really messes with my body.
We've got weekend festivities and generally we do a Faturday, but we decided that it was Eat Whatever-Wednesday instead and we are already previewing menus and trying to decide where we are going to eat based on what 'feels' healthiest to us.


  1. I ate a bunch of easter candy last night and felt so sick afterwards and for some strange reason I was weirdly proud that I felt sick from eating stuff that I used to eat in huge amounts and not regret. I felt like I had come a long way. I'm secretly happy that I get sick when I eat my old fav foods.

    and ps. I totally lose weight in my fingers first and as much as I wish it was my stomach, I'll take the skinny fingers. At least it's something, right? :)

  2. Those are some lovely slender wrists my dear. I take skinny anyway I can get it! My mil asked what size ring I use. I told her that my wedding ring is a 6. She said, "Ooooohhhhh" Yeah, that kind of OOOohhh that means she thought that my hands should look like the Michelin Man to match the rest of my body. No, my fingers are slender. And if my fingers are my only skinny claim to fame then so be it. I'll snapshot the hell out of them and post those hoes on fb like a slut posting bathroom selfies.


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