Brain dump

-up at 5 to shower, to then wait for it to stop raining so I can go out and milk the goats, to them come in and dry hair/do hair/get ready for school.

-subbing 4 out of the 5 this week. *sigh* If I didn't want/need the money so bad I'd be pissed. Instead I'll just be pissy. I mean what happened to the subs like I had in HS? Pop in a movie and you are good to go? Nope...not now. And most of the time the original teachers don't leave their computer log ons so I can't just play around on the computer. It's like they WANT you to work for your money. What? Granted, I'm chomping down some Nora Roberts books like Doritos. 5 in the past 2 weeks. Thanks Subbing! *thumbs up*

-I DVR Dr. OZ and yesterday was all about the Paleo diet. Which to me just seems like Atkins w/out dairy. And you know..dairy probably is part of my fat problem. But it's a coffee thing. Coffee, sweetener, half and half. Not some non-dairy powder. If I wasn't terrified of the caffeine headache (which I totally get) and if I hadn't just opened a new box of Golden French Toast (K-cups, yo) I'd try to quit...

-Babe (the irish wolfhound) had 2 dates this weekend, fingers crossed for puppies in June!

-My previously-fat husband (the one that thinks he knows ALL about dieting)-seriously gets on my nerves. Esp when I want to get my 'eat' on. Having him 'reformed' doesn't make it easier for me to try to lose, b/c he's judgey about it and very- "Oh so you are just going to give up on your diet?". No, I just want to eat my ONE bowl of ice cream and for you to shutdaFup. Thanks.

Well the sun isn't up, and it's still raining and cold (come on Spring, let's get it in gear!), but it's light enough that I need to go and get the milking done. Boots and bucket time.

Happy Tuesday.


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