Dear 46lbs....

Dear 46lbs,

I've been trying to get you to leave for awhile now. I don't want you anymore. And in fact, you pretty much make my life miserable. You consume my thoughts and make me question EVERYTHING. Well, ok..granted you and my wickedly low self esteem have tag teamed this..but still. You aren't helping.
Now, I appreciate your efforts as of lately to at least rearrange yourself to where all my XL shirts fit loosely and my 16 pants are comfortable. But I don't want to be an XL/16 anymore. So you need to go.
It's Spring, and it's going to be a hot summer...I want to wear things so that my skin can get some sun, and maybe even start allowing myself to be photographed again.
Oh and that wedding coming was to Mr. and Mrs., no room for +46 so you can't go. I know some of you will...but seriously. I'm tired and I want you gone. You are bringing me down in SO many ways and I just don't want you around anymore.
If about 7 of you could just, you know...leave..maybe it would give me some hope that the rest of you are at least considering it as well.



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