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it's a confession of sorts..not one that I'm ashamed of (although I used to be-more on that later)..but here goes it...I've got goats. Yup. Bleating, shedding, milk producing beauties! And here is me in all my erm..glory (?) with one of my girls. Of course they have ridiculous names since my daughter named them. My two milkers (females/nannies who have recently kidded/given birth and I'm able to milk)-are Butterscotch Cookie (Scotch) and Snow White (Snow). I can go totally goat on you..but I won't..but I'm sure that little bits of my vast caprine knowledge will spill over into stuff I'm sharing.
 I kinda had a point of putting the pic..I've yet to get a 'full size' pic of my current body status, but even sitting, it's getting better. But more so you can get an idea of me on a daily. Twice a day I'm pullin on my 'barn' boots and headed down to the barn. I grew up doing this and being annoyed with it..but now as an adult who has to pay upwards of $4 a gallon for cow milk..I'll happily do it so we can have fresh milk. I won't go total hippy on you, b/c I'm love my store bought milk just as much..but I will tell you there is a certain joy that comes with goats. Being a landlord as well (which sometimes means being a babysitter) I have to have my phone with me at all times..and it gets really old. But I did make a rule to be totally unplugged at the barn. When I'm with the girls and it's milking's quiet. It's only me and the goats, the milk hitting the bucket, and the quiet crunching of grain/hay. And that's enough of my 'barn nerd' for one post.
Moving on!...
This is me and my girl! Who turned 5 yesterday...she lost two of her bottom teeth (way early) and tends to highlight that in pics...but she's my best little gal. She's a complete Mini-Me. In fact my Husband is known to say that "there aren't any shows on tv that entertain me more than watching you girls argue, because it's like watching you argue with the small version of yourself, and neither of you ever win". It's true.
Monday and Tuesday were ok days as far as eating went. I also did WAP (Walk away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone) 3 miles Monday, 1 mile Tuesday. Yesterdays eating wasn't great....Miss M had decided she wanted my parents to take her to a Chinese buffet for lunch (1 plate there), then instead of cake she chose cheesecake and eclairs for her 'cake'...and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I didn't gorge, but I did take samplings of everything. But I didn't get horribly full, but it's not like I was eating great things either.
And that's all for now! I'm heading to the barn, then subbin' at the school later. Busy, but not manic. I can manage that.
Have a great day!


  1. She totally is a mini you, what a little doll :)


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