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Weigh in Wednesday-Week 5

So do I have better news this week? Meh, kind of.
Today- 189.4 misplaced loss of -.6
At least it's going in the right direction again. I've realized I can't really have 'cheat' days. I mean sure...Hubby lost 70lbs and he uses Saturday as "Fat"-urday..and that's fine. For him, because he's LOST it already. Me, not so much. It seems like that big binge of the weekend sets the next week (and next weigh in) up for failure.
I feel like if I could just get a kick start, I could get on a roll (call me Butter). But I'm not finding that kick that I'm needing.
You know what I did need? Medication. Sometimes you get down and blue and you can't pull yourself out of it. No matter how much food you eat, how much you work out, how many people love you...sometimes you can't by yourself..and that's where I was. Down, down, down. But I'm working on getting better. And I'm actually going to see a therapist soon that deals with mor…

Weigh in Wednesday Week 4

I'm not gonna lie. First, that I hate that phrase. I think it's overused. I also hate "let me ask you a question". Moving on...
Second. I don't want to tell anyone that might be reading this the atrocious number that looked at me from the scale this morning.
BUT it's Weigh in Wednesday- so I'm going to.

Week 4- 190 (*pukes* I hate that 9)
that's up 3.8
Gain, like a colossal one.

However, I have a few things to blame/thank for it. Other than just lack of self control...
We went out of town. I went 'home'. Home to a place where I never have lived, but spent every summer. My Granny's house. Where the smells and the textures flood every sense I have with memories.
Oh, and Granny (at 87 years young) doesn't cook anymore. She hands you some bills and tells you to go pick up whatever you want.
And what did we want?
Top Hat 2 pizza...the one on Q ave. Not Pizza King, not Top Hat on Broad...although I'm pretty sure it's ALL the same co…

Weigh in Wednesday

Week 3--5/15-186.2
Week 2--5/8 -186.2
Week 1--5/1- 186.6

Slow, slow, slow.
I don't know.
(Poet, dontcha know it!)

And this is where I usually give up. Throw my hands up. Head to the nearest McD's. But I'm not.
I'll sigh. And I'll be annoyed (I am annoyed).
But I'm not giving up.
Even though we're going on vacation tomorrow to a land of plenty (of food).

Whirlwind week...and Run #1

Last week was insane. Sorry for the drop off, but it was. I was up at 5 err morning to get ready to make the hour long drive down to KC to help with exams at 'high risk' schools. And me w/out my conceal and carry license. Eeek. Anyway...I survived...AND our crew got SO much done that they don't need me this week. I'm not bummed about that.
However I did miss something...

I'll tell ya, it wasn't great. And honestly I don't expect this week to be better, my eating has been TERRIBLE b/c I let my stress level determine what goes in my mouth. <---BAD habit.
So for week 2- 5/8  186.2
it's down a measly .4 from Week 1. I was pissed and disappointed, but I know it's up to ME to do it and obviously I wasn't doing something right. Despite the fact I had salads for dinner like 3 days that week..should have been worth at least a COUPLE pounds. Come on.

I have been semi-successful in my original goal of stopping it w/the soda. The only soda I had was one …


Anybody remember this movie? I don't think I ever actually watched it..but the gist was nice teacher goes into majorly inner city school, like hard core rough stuff, but makes it out ok.
That's been my week...
sort of.
I agreed to help proctor some exams. And turns out the schools we are proctoring are the rough ones in Kansas City. Like whoa. I mean where I'm from (not exactly Kansas City) subbing is cake. The kids might cuss and little, but that's about as bad as it gets.
Yesterday, I was full on choking on mace from where it had to be sprayed in the halls to break up a fight...twice. I was safe...ish. If you count the "Teachers, at this time we ask that you please close and lock your classrooms doors" announcement that we followed about every third period.
So it's been kinda stressful...and sad.
Makes me very thankful for the type of environment that I'm normally in.

So whew...that's me this week. I think it's punishment for the gorge-fe…

Brain dump

Semi topic-less posting..but in general what's swirlin' round my old cerebral...

1. I love my Ma, something fierce. And yes, I call her Ma. Not Mother, Mommy, Mom, etc. However, when she KNOWS I am trying to watch what I eat, and when she comes over to watch the kids and I get home from work and she's made pecan and chocolate chip cookies. It's impossible for me to resist (and she KNOWS that). Especially with a hot cup of coffee.

2. I was supposed to sub a full day today. I wasn't feeling it. I was thisclose when I got up this morning to cancelling out and letting some other subbin' schmo have a crack at it. But I sucked it up and went in, to be told by the Para in my class- "you basically have nothing today". Then WHY I am here?? So I talked it over with the main lady and left at 12. I mean, thanks for the opportunity and all, I'm good with the money end of it, but it makes me feel guilty to be paid for shouldn't. But it do…


And THAT my a giant bottle of water.
Subbin' at the HS and this girl had one, and when she told me where she got it..I literally shuddered. The big W. I am not a fan.
1)I used to work there (back in HS)
2) I honestly think I'm kinda agoraphobic and it (going there) freaks me out
3) Open more than 2 flippin' registers when you have 20 of them, mmkay?
However, yesterday my parents needed my help with a transportation issue, and Ma needed to stop in to pick up a script.
Now..even though I'm not a fan..there are a couple good things that happen. I always get to see two of my guy buddies that I used to work with there..they became career W's and that's awesome for them..and it's always good to see them.
The other good thing is the spoiling parents thing. Yes, I may be 30 (bleh) but I am the baby and I have the only that's like DOUBLE the spoiling. And I don't take too much advantage of my parents (not that they would …

Weight in Wednesday + 10 week challenge

Might just be the kick in the pants I need right?

Today May 1- 186.6 Let's just state..for the record (you can totes tell I used to work with a bunch of attorneys huh?) I HATE the 80s. And I don't mean the neon scrunchie, John Hughes laden, Wham! rockin' 80s. I mean that RANGE. I've been here tooooooo long. And I'm tired of being here. I'll probably piss down my leg w/happiness when I finally see the 170s. Even 179 would be a happy moment...just sayin'.

So here's what I'm doing.. (and a bunch of others too!)

I'm hoping that jumping into a group that is already chock-full of some AWESOME bloggers will encourage me to keep it up.
The mini-challenge this week is cleaning the 'bad' food out of your fridge. And I can honestly say that we don't have alot of bad stuff in the fridge. Seriously. We have a ton of spinach, lettuces, veggies, raw goat milk, cucumber water, green tea. Our fridge it set up for success...I'm just not doing what I…