Brain dump

Semi topic-less posting..but in general what's swirlin' round my old cerebral...

1. I love my Ma, something fierce. And yes, I call her Ma. Not Mother, Mommy, Mom, etc. However, when she KNOWS I am trying to watch what I eat, and when she comes over to watch the kids and I get home from work and she's made pecan and chocolate chip cookies. It's impossible for me to resist (and she KNOWS that). Especially with a hot cup of coffee.

2. I was supposed to sub a full day today. I wasn't feeling it. I was thisclose when I got up this morning to cancelling out and letting some other subbin' schmo have a crack at it. But I sucked it up and went in, to be told by the Para in my class- "you basically have nothing today". Then WHY I am here?? So I talked it over with the main lady and left at 12. I mean, thanks for the opportunity and all, I'm good with the money end of it, but it makes me feel guilty to be paid for shouldn't. But it does.

3. Even though I'm doing Weigh in Wednesday I've been checking my weight daily, and daily it pisses me off the scale isn't moving faster.

4. Lora posted a '25 things about me' blog today in which she mentions her love for White Cheese dip. And I am craving it. Not that I need it on top of the cookies I just horked down.

5. When we were building our new house, I had to work really closely with all the contractors. The same guy did our plumbing and our electrical and where it may be totes weird to be really good friends with your plumber, he's like on 'brother' level now. As in, took a half eaten cookie from me earlier w/out even batting an eye...
Luckily he's not a gross, greasy, plumber..he's actually pretty cute. His ass crack isn't offensive in the least. It helps to have cute guy friends when you are a girl with a self esteem problem.

6.I get really annoyed with my friends list posting on FB about the freak MO weather..and I'm about to annoy myself right now by saying "WTF Spring?!". A good friend of mine posted: "GO home Winter, you're drunk" and that right there cracked me up...but for real. I'm ready to start complaining about how hot it is.

And..I think that's it. No huge plans for the weekend. The weather is supposed to start acting better around Sunday. So cross your fingers.


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