And THAT my a giant bottle of water.
Subbin' at the HS and this girl had one, and when she told me where she got it..I literally shuddered. The big W. I am not a fan.
1)I used to work there (back in HS)
2) I honestly think I'm kinda agoraphobic and it (going there) freaks me out
3) Open more than 2 flippin' registers when you have 20 of them, mmkay?
However, yesterday my parents needed my help with a transportation issue, and Ma needed to stop in to pick up a script.
Now..even though I'm not a fan..there are a couple good things that happen. I always get to see two of my guy buddies that I used to work with there..they became career W's and that's awesome for them..and it's always good to see them.
The other good thing is the spoiling parents thing. Yes, I may be 30 (bleh) but I am the baby and I have the only that's like DOUBLE the spoiling. And I don't take too much advantage of my parents (not that they would care if I did, they love me more than cable tv). My 'haul' yesterday was a couple of the awesome water bottles (I knew that Hubs would steal mine if I just got one), some new tea (tryin to break that soda habit), some lemon gum (what?! Yes. Love lemon), some green coffee bean pills (Dr. OZ had them on the show and I'm a sucker for the newest 'pill'<--sad), and I think that was about it. I kept it at a minimum....this trip.
But let's talk about the bottle for a sec...that sucker holds 8 glasses of water. So minimum daily in one bottle. And for my head...2 quarts...quick math (even though I suck at math generally)
1 gallon=4 quarts
1 quart=4 cups
Which means 2 of these bottles full of water, is a gallon of water. Sweet. I generally drink alot of water anyway, but I know it's not a gallon a day. I like having the bottle so I can kinda 'track' how much I am drinking. I might even put rubber bands or something on it, so I can count how many bottles I drink a day. I'm thinking 2 minimum.
I drank one bottle before dinner last night...over the course of about an hour, and ate less...I know that. And it was a good dinner.
I'd posted in the 10 week challenge group on FB that I was doing a zucchini noodle lasagna...and it didn't suck, but it was soooo watery. I blame that on the zucchini. If I can figure out a way to dry it out a big, I'll for sure be making it again!
Yesterday's eating had a lot of veggies..which is good. A mixed greens salad with the zucchini lasagna, then to take care of my sweet tooth after dinner a green smoothie. Honestly, my guts aren't loving me today...LOTS of greens + a ton of water. Eesh. But I'm hopin' in a few days my system will get used to it!
The weather in MO today sucks, but I'm going to try to stay sunny..even though the weather isn't.


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