Anybody remember this movie? I don't think I ever actually watched it..but the gist was nice teacher goes into majorly inner city school, like hard core rough stuff, but makes it out ok.
That's been my week...
sort of.
I agreed to help proctor some exams. And turns out the schools we are proctoring are the rough ones in Kansas City. Like whoa. I mean where I'm from (not exactly Kansas City) subbing is cake. The kids might cuss and little, but that's about as bad as it gets.
Yesterday, I was full on choking on mace from where it had to be sprayed in the halls to break up a fight...twice. I was safe...ish. If you count the "Teachers, at this time we ask that you please close and lock your classrooms doors" announcement that we followed about every third period.
So it's been kinda stressful...and sad.
Makes me very thankful for the type of environment that I'm normally in.

So whew...that's me this week. I think it's punishment for the gorge-fest I participated in over the weekend. I mean it's totally normal to go to BOTH Olive Garden and Chili' ONE day...right? No..nobody? *bloats*


  1. I'm 23 neva will I live to see 24. The way things are going I don't know...
    You poor thing. I would be terrified of having to work in a place like that. Schools, even normal ones are so scary now adays. When did school age kids become so crazy?! I don't remember stuff like this going on when we were kids.
    I'm glad you made it out unscathed. And, as for going out to eat twice in one day, you ain't alone, Sister.


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