Weigh in Wednesday Week 4

I'm not gonna lie. First, that I hate that phrase. I think it's overused. I also hate "let me ask you a question". Moving on...
Second. I don't want to tell anyone that might be reading this the atrocious number that looked at me from the scale this morning.
BUT it's Weigh in Wednesday- so I'm going to.

Week 4- 190 (*pukes* I hate that 9)
that's up 3.8
Gain, like a colossal one.

However, I have a few things to blame/thank for it. Other than just lack of self control...
We went out of town. I went 'home'. Home to a place where I never have lived, but spent every summer. My Granny's house. Where the smells and the textures flood every sense I have with memories.
Oh, and Granny (at 87 years young) doesn't cook anymore. She hands you some bills and tells you to go pick up whatever you want.
And what did we want?
Top Hat 2 pizza...the one on Q ave. Not Pizza King, not Top Hat on Broad...although I'm pretty sure it's ALL the same company..it's different I'm tellin ya! And we might have eaten it twice. It's a tricky pizza that isn't sliced into wedges, but criss crossed into 3x3(ish) squares...so for a second you don't feel like you are eating as much..til you realize you've downed about 10 of those 'little' guys.

Grippo's BBQ potato chips. My love for these salty, sweet, spicy, chips goes deep...waaaaay deep. Ate the entire bag in two days deep.


And let's not forget Jack's. Seriously. His applesauce donuts rock my socks off. We got a dozen 6 applesauce, 6 glazed, and they were gone. In a matter of minutes.


So we gorged. And gorged some more. I'm not condoning it. But I'm being honest about it. 'Home' is an emotional place to go, and I'm a girl that supresses those emotions by eating. There...honest.

I'll have a better number next week.


  1. Damn those chips! They are very very good! But very very bad.


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