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Where am I?

So I gave up there for awhile. I'm sure from the lack of postings that is pretty evident.
However I just kinda gave up on documenting..because nothing was happening. There was nothing to tell you.
Husband finally saw that 'yes' I was making an effort, and 'no' it wasn't getting me anywhere and asked me if I wanted to try this uber-popular (and expensive) diet program/place.
And instead of being a total girl and getting pissed that he is actually saying "Yes, I agree, you need to lose some weight"---
I jumped at the chance.
I needed a nudge...and I got a push.
Also I found out that almost ALL of my new co-workers had gone here at some point.
Here is Slim 4 Life.
And although I suck at keeping secrets, I'm not going to tell you everything they tell me.
Here is what I will tell you...
Last Monday I weighed in at 194 (fully clothed, around noon on their scale).
On Tuesday I started the 'prep' phase- a 3 day cleanse (Technically Day 1)
On Wed…