Where am I?

So I gave up there for awhile. I'm sure from the lack of postings that is pretty evident.
However I just kinda gave up on documenting..because nothing was happening. There was nothing to tell you.
Husband finally saw that 'yes' I was making an effort, and 'no' it wasn't getting me anywhere and asked me if I wanted to try this uber-popular (and expensive) diet program/place.
And instead of being a total girl and getting pissed that he is actually saying "Yes, I agree, you need to lose some weight"---
I jumped at the chance.
I needed a nudge...and I got a push.
Also I found out that almost ALL of my new co-workers had gone here at some point.
Here is Slim 4 Life.
And although I suck at keeping secrets, I'm not going to tell you everything they tell me.
Here is what I will tell you...
Last Monday I weighed in at 194 (fully clothed, around noon on their scale).
On Tuesday I started the 'prep' phase- a 3 day cleanse (Technically Day 1)
On Wednesday I weighed in again at 188.6 (Day 2)
It's restrictive, I'll give you that. And for the most part, it isn't telling me anything I don't know. When they cut out certain foods..it's not like I was surprised. Ok..one did surprise me...onions. Can't have onions.
After 3 days of prep, you pick up on a pretty standard 'program'-
2 proteins
2 fruits (before 6pm)
4 veggies
2 starches
and a couple random supplements..for the most part..w/out looking at my little cheater book.

Am I advocating and/or encouraging you to try the program/pay for it like I did? No...not yet.
But can I sit here and tell you that I'm seeing some progress? Sure
I can tell you a few things-

1) actually plunking down the funds to do it was an eye opener. It's non-refundable. It's not like the other 'goals' I've made myself where 'sure,  I'll weigh in and post for 10 weeks in a row'..and didn't. It's green, hard earned dollas that I shelled out. It's a 'do this, or you just flushed money down the turlet' deal.

2) accountability. I tried the blogging weigh ins (see #1)..and that wasn't enough of a check in. They want you to check in 3-4 times a week at first. But since I live 45 away from the office, that ain't happening. The office check ins are pretty low key. It's one on one. It's a silent weigh in. Then it's about 5 minutes of 'let's talk it out and see where you are'. So far the staff is pretty nice.

3) I am still getting pissy and annoyed with it all. I think that is just a me thing though. As 'fool proof' and 'exercise free' this program claims to be..it's not as fast as I'd like. I'd like to wake up at my goal weight..not wait 16 weeks thanksomuch.

My brain is kinda messed up. Until I see a number in the 170s..I'm not going to feel like this is working. 194 wasn't a good number. 188 is a better number..and in a 2-3 day period should have been a huge win, right?
I'm too realistic for that. I know it was probably water weight..b/c I'm back up around a pound (189.2 this morning-Day 5)
But I've seen all these numbers before. I've seen as 'low' as 183 (back in March)-
So I'm sorry..but again..until I see a number I haven't seen before I'm going to grumble and be skeptical.
But I'm going to stick with it.
And I'm hoping the combo of blog venting and the actual office check ins will keep the motivation going.

Here's hopin'!


  1. I missed ya posting! I hope this works how you want it to. I think I signed up for one once but was too chicken to actually go. My fear of committment can be excessive sometimes.

    Let us know how it goes, I am more than ready to hear some blogging, venting or otherwise!


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