Monday, December 30, 2013

Resolutions start....NOW!

I know that the first isn't until Wednesday, day after tomorrow,'s soon enough..right?
In no certain order...
*READ-at LEAST 52 books
                    I love, Love, L.O.V.E., to read...but alot of the time I don't get to. I have kid stuff to do, I have tenant stuff to do, I have job stuff to do, I'm just too effin' tired, I'd rather watch something on the DVR..Heaven forbid I workout, ammIright? But At LEAST 52. I have 48 on my bookshelf behind me right now..but I know I've read at least 14 of them. But there are specifics to the I need to get The Book of Mormon in there at least once. I need to put some classics in there Charles Dickens. I don't want to limit myself to what I usually read..I want to read alot of different things. Really? I'd love to double the goal and hit 104 in 2014..what?! We'll see.                

                                                *Keep it CLEAN
           We just built our 'new' house last fact today marks ONE year that we've been here. And where I've done a pretty good job of cleaning it acceptable, I'd like it to feel clean. Despite the fact that we have 5 cats (yes, we are insane) I don't want people to 'know' (by nose) that we have them. I want to try to teach my kids to help me clean too. I don't want my house to be one of those antiseptic "don't touch anything" houses, because I long to be the house that EVERYONE feels comfortable in...but I also hate telling people they need to carry a lint roller to sit on my furniture b/c of the dog hair. Eesh..costs of pets I guess.

                                          *WORK out...
        Holy crap, this one scares me so bad. I have this DVD. I have this DVD and about 12 (not kidding) others-Walk away the Pounds, all sorts of 10 minute trainer ones, etc. And I don't do them. I 'said' I would start doing them when I got into the 170s and didn't. I got into the 170s and ate my way back up into the 180s. I don't like working out 'in front' of people..even my own husband and kids, and I need to get over that. Because I'd probably get back to the 170s and lower IF I worked out (and ate right), dontcha think? Also Holly is doing a Jillian Challenge..I'm scared to pieces to join..but I kinda want to.

                                       *LET THEM GO...
          I say THEM, I really only have one in mind. But it's a 'friend' that I feel like I'm constantly reaching for and they are never reaching back. I get that we are both busy, we both have kids, we both have spouses/or spouse-like people. But I get the feeling like the friendship was much more to me, than it was to them. And it's a bummer. But it's a thing that holds me back..and I don't want to do that anymore.

                                       *STICK to it/WEIGHT Loss
     I'm far from being on their infomercial..but the Slim4Life program does work..if YOU stick to it. I've sucked at it lately..but no more. It's not a hard program. It's not rocket surgery. They don't ask too much of you. And I've chosen it as my 'way' to lose weight. And I'm going to do it.

                              *BE HAPPY...
   I struggle with Happy. I really do. Even though I'm medicated and have everything in the world I could want..I struggle. My Mom struggled too, and where I'm not blaming her for 'my' lack of happy..I don't think it helped. And that little gal in the pic with me..that's my girl..and I want her to have a happy Momma..(I want that for my boy too..I just don't have a cute picture of the two of us to put up) I think I deserve to be happy. I think we all do.

What are YOUR resolutions? Or do you make any??
Happy New Year! A couple days early!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Christmas Purge

No real pukin' this is a safe space.
Although I did almost eat myself sick on spiral ham (aka chewy salt lick)...and day one ( back on the wagon (for the zillionth time)..all I want is a slice of bread..ok..a piece of toast with butter AND peanut butter...let's be honest. But I think I'm craving the bread so it can suck up all the salt in my the trick of putting a peeled potato in a pot of soup if you oversalted...see? see? You learned something huh?
Somewhere between getting home from the cruise, tenant catastrophes, and holidays..I've lost the charger for my my Christmas pics are blurry iphone pics..and I'm not too happy about that. Esp since this was our first Christmas in our new house. Last year we were displaced b/c the house wasn't ready yet and did Christmas at the in-laws.
Moving on to a couple random topics-
iphone...I know I'm one of the last people on the planet to get one (got it for my birthday in October)..but I love favorite apps lately are Bandcamp (where I have ALL The Lower Lights albums) and Lose It! (where I can track all the stuff I put in my mouth). I the only one that the day AFTER Christmas they turn into cranky-whiney-demons after they've had the BEST day? My kids don't respond well to over stimulation I guess *shrugs*
cruise...all signs point to us becoming QUITE the cruising family..and I'm totally ok with that..>Disney Cruise #2 scheduled for January yes...I have to wait over a year...but totally worth it.
Hope you all had amazing Christmases and Holidays with those who are most special to you!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back at it

 Here are a couple of pics, just because I suck at posting pics...and sometimes it's nice to 'see' who is talking to you, amIright? The top pic is myself and my mini-me. Who wants her two front teeth for Christmas. And where my Mother-in-law jokingly says she 'hopes they never come in', I miss the teeth!
Family pic, last day on the ship! 10lbs heavier than when we started (all in my face, bleh!)-but it was an amazing vacation. Hands down best ever. Want to/will do it again..and again..and again. As many times as we can. We all loved it!!

And then back to reality!
I came back to 3 vacant properties, and a message from a tenant stating they were going to be moving out...make that 4 vacant properties. Two of which needed/wanted HUD inspections (read-headache).
Oh..and the 10lbs of cruise weight.
Well...two weeks later I am happy to report that the houses are 'almost' done. I've gotten leases, deposits, tenants, etc figured out and things look *knocks on wood* ok for the moment. But in the landlording world, that can change, and so quickly!

Re: my weight. Well...luckily (and then again not so) I was already 'up' at my last weigh in with Slim 4 Life, so when I checked in with them, I was only up 3lbs..instead of 10..good right?
I decided to enjoy one last weekend...we did Thanksgiving with my parents, so we did a Saturday with his parents (our parents do not mix..which makes for lots of akward scheduling)-We went and saw Frozen..loved it. Then grabbed some real italian food. Then Sunday we grabbed brunch with a friend before heading to the Chiefs game. Normally we aren't big footballers, but I do love my Manning boys, and the weather was great! Plus the Broncos won! Sorry KC, I did feel bad cheering for blue in a sea of red, but the heart wants what the heart wants!

Today...back on the wagon. I've weighed and will stick to eating healthy/well..because I am going to say goodbye to the 180s soon. For the record this morning was-
184.6 (boo, hiss!).

So...goal...back to the 170s, and beyond! (Sorry, our boy is full on into the Toy Story phase)

How was YOUR weekend? Have you ever been on a cruise (Disney or other)? Would you go again?