Back at it

 Here are a couple of pics, just because I suck at posting pics...and sometimes it's nice to 'see' who is talking to you, amIright? The top pic is myself and my mini-me. Who wants her two front teeth for Christmas. And where my Mother-in-law jokingly says she 'hopes they never come in', I miss the teeth!
Family pic, last day on the ship! 10lbs heavier than when we started (all in my face, bleh!)-but it was an amazing vacation. Hands down best ever. Want to/will do it again..and again..and again. As many times as we can. We all loved it!!

And then back to reality!
I came back to 3 vacant properties, and a message from a tenant stating they were going to be moving out...make that 4 vacant properties. Two of which needed/wanted HUD inspections (read-headache).
Oh..and the 10lbs of cruise weight.
Well...two weeks later I am happy to report that the houses are 'almost' done. I've gotten leases, deposits, tenants, etc figured out and things look *knocks on wood* ok for the moment. But in the landlording world, that can change, and so quickly!

Re: my weight. Well...luckily (and then again not so) I was already 'up' at my last weigh in with Slim 4 Life, so when I checked in with them, I was only up 3lbs..instead of 10..good right?
I decided to enjoy one last weekend...we did Thanksgiving with my parents, so we did a Saturday with his parents (our parents do not mix..which makes for lots of akward scheduling)-We went and saw Frozen..loved it. Then grabbed some real italian food. Then Sunday we grabbed brunch with a friend before heading to the Chiefs game. Normally we aren't big footballers, but I do love my Manning boys, and the weather was great! Plus the Broncos won! Sorry KC, I did feel bad cheering for blue in a sea of red, but the heart wants what the heart wants!

Today...back on the wagon. I've weighed and will stick to eating healthy/well..because I am going to say goodbye to the 180s soon. For the record this morning was-
184.6 (boo, hiss!).

So...goal...back to the 170s, and beyond! (Sorry, our boy is full on into the Toy Story phase)

How was YOUR weekend? Have you ever been on a cruise (Disney or other)? Would you go again?


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