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Draggin' behind the wagon...

If you feel like this is a repeat post, it's probably because it is...because I' known to 'fall' off the wagon.
I feel like I look like Jabba. Sweet mercy, *sigh* by 'fall' off the wagon I might mean, and totally admit to eating copious amounts of mexican food and McDs multiple times over the past couple weeks out of stress and sad since my 14 year old cat died. Can I get 'aw' there? She was my buddy...and I'm miss her errday. I'll post of picture of her,once I get past the 'hurts to see a picture' phase. Moooooovin' on (get it, b/c I feel like a cow?)... I got BACK on the wagon (for the 1,147th time) earlier this week..Monday of course...we always start on Monday's don't we? I've been tracking everything I put in my mouth on MyFitnessPal and staying under or as close to my 1200 calorie allotment as possible.  And my weight WAS in the 190s (NOOOO!) Tuesday...but this morning I weighed in at 189.
And where it…